Puppies are here!

Gemma X Brady (CH Skipnstone's Diamond in the Ruff X Cosmos Let's Celebrate WWD) have puppies due Dec 13th 2015. This is Gemma's first litter. These puppies will be our 5th generation PWD puppies. We are so excited to meet them. Both parents have amazing temperaments that will fit into excellent forever family homes. She loves all the other dogs, adults and children. At Skipnstone Kennels we believe in producing pups of amazing temperament,health, and structure.
Please send us your questionnaire if you are interested in providing a forever home for these beautiful pups. We can arrange for a visit!

Enjoy browsing our blog! Hope the pictures give you as much pleasure as they give us.
If you are interested in learning more about Portuguese Water Dog puppies or about Skipnstone Kennels please join our ever expanding family by copying and filling in a puppy questionnaire and emailing us. We are always happy to share information about these great dogs.
Please email us at skipnstone@gmail.com

Charlotte and Lawrie

Cleo's Litters

2010 More Fun in the Snow!
These puppies love to be outside playing - even in the Blizzard!

Fun in the Snow

Finally the temperature came up off super cold and the puppies got their first taste of winter.
Dinner, then a trip outside into the big world with all the big dogs.
We got lots of help with the gardening, a chance to try the stairs, and lots of room to run around.
The only problem - no one wanted to come in!

Week 4 completed moving to the big pen in the Kitchen!

4 1/2 weeks of age 1st day of big puppy food!

Playing with Beth

 Scuba - You're not our mother!

Cleo Watching over her babies!

Play time!

Below see earlier pictures!

Cleo Happy Mom and babies December 13th long labour!

Week one! Eating and growing well! Cleo is gradually letting the other dogs into the room but not the pen. Even 6 month old Scuba listens to her warnings and is very still when in the puppy room. Eyes and ears are still closed. Some are pushing up onto very wobbly legs! Cleo steps out of the pen now between feeds. 


Week 2!
Eyes and ears are open. Pups are up walking on wobbly legs. Pups are still eating and growing. Nails have been clipped a couple of times. Cleo has the pups on a schedule! Feed pups - escape outside of the pen. Repeat! LOL! 

Week 3!
Puppies are still sleeping lots but Cleo makes them all get up and run around the puppy pen before she will lie down and feed them. Pups get excited when we come over to the pen now. They have had lots of love and attention over the holidays! Of course the older dogs think that everyone has been in to visit them!