Puppies are here!

Gemma X Brady (CH Skipnstone's Diamond in the Ruff X Cosmos Let's Celebrate WWD) have puppies due Dec 13th 2015. This is Gemma's first litter. These puppies will be our 5th generation PWD puppies. We are so excited to meet them. Both parents have amazing temperaments that will fit into excellent forever family homes. She loves all the other dogs, adults and children. At Skipnstone Kennels we believe in producing pups of amazing temperament,health, and structure.
Please send us your questionnaire if you are interested in providing a forever home for these beautiful pups. We can arrange for a visit!

Enjoy browsing our blog! Hope the pictures give you as much pleasure as they give us.
If you are interested in learning more about Portuguese Water Dog puppies or about Skipnstone Kennels please join our ever expanding family by copying and filling in a puppy questionnaire and emailing us. We are always happy to share information about these great dogs.
Please email us at skipnstone@gmail.com

Charlotte and Lawrie

Myleigh's Litters

Myleigh Latest Litter Summer 2011 
Puppies at 6-7 weeks!

Skipnstone announces 9 Beautiful Puppies - 7 boys and 2 girls, 5 white (partie) and 4 black puppies, curly and wavy!
9 Beautiful Healthy Puppies

Day 3 Myleigh wants them as close to her as possible! Can you find 5 white puppies at the front and 4 black puppies at the back?

Hot Momma - Myleigh is on her back!

Rheo keeping watch over "his" brood! Myleigh doesn't mind if he is in the room   - just not in the pool! Day 5 already too big for the crate! Day 7 almost all have doubled their birth weight!

Day 5 Pictures!






Week 2 
All the puppies have their eyes open! In 2 weeks they have tripled and quadrupled their birth weights! About half are walking already. Ears are open! Pups remain in the whelping box in the quiet computer room! We have had lots of visitors already! Next weekend they will be moving up to the kitchen in the big sunny bay window. Myleigh is eating so much food! She has kept her pups very clean!









Notice the rolls when the puppy lies down! So chubby!

Almost Week 4!
I can't believe how quickly the time is flying. Pups have migrated up to the sunny bay in the kitchen and seem to have grown to fit the new  4'X8' pen. Check out how fluffy they are becoming. Myleigh nurses them lying and sitting and standing! She keeps them so clean. Pups are starting to play with the big dogs and each other. I can feel the start of little sharp teeth!
 Scuba with her brothers and sisters!










Myleigh Litter 1 Summer 2010
Congratulations Myleigh on your beautiful pups. 4 girls and 3 boys!
All are growing well All have gained over 10% from birth weight in 48 hours! Myleigh is keeping them very clean and warm.
Families have started to visit the puppies - Don't tell Myleigh, she thinks it is about her!
On day 7 all have doubled and 2 have tripled birth weights - it must be pure cream that Myleigh is feeding them.
Day 1Day 2
Day 6
Day 8 Starting Week 2

Puppies have Shrek 4 Names:
Shrek and Fiona, Queen Lillian and King Artie, Felicia and Dragon and Boots!

July 09 2010

Myeigh and Her babies
Fiona - As an ogre I get to eat a lot!
Lillian - I'm too fat to move! Bring me more food!

Shrek - come and play!

Felicia - very bored!

King Artie - looking regal!

Dragon - Hi everyone!

Boots - Small and mighty!

Saturday July 10th
Right on time! Most of the puppies have their eyes open today - Ears will be opening in the next few days. They are all strong and starting to be able to lift their bellies off the ground - soon they will be running!

Sunday July 18th - 3 weeks of age

Puupies are moving around - up on their legs. Some can even wag their tail when walking - not so easy to do! We have noticed that they are learning to sit on their own and are looking around trying to distinguish all the blurry pictures that they now can see. All of their ears are now open. Puppies are starting to go to one end of the pen to toilet! Myleigh was at the Skipnstone spa today - she loved all the attention and I'm sure feels much better for being refreshed! Myleigh is loving all of her many visitors! Of course she thinks the visits are all about her. She can't stop smiling!
See below how the puppies are growing!

Myleigh thinks that there is not much room at the Milk Bar. Puppies have to learn to share!

Fiona is waiting for Shrek

Lillian really wants more sleep!

Felicia has her eyes open - can you see them?

Shrek is looking for Donkey!

Dragon is licking her paw - hope she doesn't burn it!

King Artie is sitting on his throne!

Boots has an almost totally black nose!

Tuesday July 20th 2010


Puppies July 24th 2010

Myleigh Super Mom!

Puppies after First Meal! July 28, 2010.

Saturday July 31st

I can't believe that they are 5 weeks old tomorrow! The little dogs are running around playing with each other and the 3 adult dogs. They love nursing but come running when their food is presented to them. We always whistle and make lots of noise during feeding time. It is fun having them in the kitchen! When awake we let them out of the pen and they have the run of the whole kitchen. They are getting used to being underfoot. We have had lots of visitors and they all love being petted and picked up - although no puppy that is crying or not sitting gets attention. They have all mastered this very quickly.

Various puppy Pics From Myleigh Litter#1


  1. They are so cute ! I love the names


  2. Hello Charlotte, Lawrie and everyone thereQ We can't wait....!!!!!!!!

    Michel and Monia

  3. Hi Charlotte and Lawrence,
    Is Myleigh Tejo's sister? Tejo was named 'Bear' by you before we got him from you guys in 2007. The litter was born April 24th. He's a great dog, and we still love him! Happy New Year!

    Connie and Americo (Toronto)